Deceiving for Permission

I recently received an email to our organisation’s published general info email address. The gentleman said he was interested in what we do, and would like more info. He was not really specific in his question, so i emailed back saying i would be glad to send him more info if he let me know what area of what we do he was interested in. His signature was a little p.s. that said he worked for a web site that sold advertising and that we might be interested. Well…i never received an email back from him, but i have gotten 3 from the CEO of the web site addressed to me asking when we could talk about advertising options.

This is bothersom for several reasons:

  1. it was deceptive, they faked being interested in what we do just to get a name, they burned all their credibility with me from the beginning.
  2. At the least they could have kept up the conversation and gotten more info and sent me something back that really made a good case for why advertising with them would be good for our organization.
  3. The follow up emails are a bit demanding, as if by answering the first email i had committed to something and now i am backing out.

They should have:

  1. Spent some time reading our web site, then sent a nice personal email to our info address saying that they were interested in us, and showing me they had taken some time to figure out who we are (i probebly would not have answered this email…but that is a differnet issue).
  2. Offer me a low buy in option to continue the conversation, perhaps “Let me send you our guide to internet advertising that will give you some great ideas for how you can use the internet to market your orginization” or something like that. Whatever it is it better be good, and not just a re-wrapped sales pitch
  3. Go from there based on how i respond.

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