missed opportunity

The stock markets tanking, banks are closing, bla bla bal.  I was kind of curious about my bank…what kind of shape are they in? Are they tied up in this whole thing? So i went to their web page, everything looked like business as usual. (the perfect bank for your changing world, parents load it, kids love it, etc). There were two links that seemed kind of promising. a blog, and a link to “Have FDIC questions?” Both ended up going to the same place, the blog. The front page of the blog has about five entries. A few about mobile banking, one was a scam alert. There were two about FDIC insurance which were sort of informative. That’s it.

The missed opportunity? They could be using this blog to become a source of information (real, insightful, relevant info) about current economic conditions. To be transparent about their current financial condition and what they are doing to ensure that they come through ok. They could be helping their customers make sound decisions in a time that seems uncertain. Instead im still left wondering: their homepage kind of makes it seem like they are oblivious to what is going on. Perhaps they are.

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