Somebody should start a…

…blog management company. Actually, I am sure that this exists already, but thats ok. I know a lot of people who feel like a blog would be helpful to their company. They probably have some good things to write about, and the discipline of blogging would be good for them. But they get a bit hung up on the technical stuff, need some accountability to get them started, and need some help learning to be creative. It seems like there would be an opportunity for somebody to start a company that specializes in helping people do this. You would help people plan a blog (why? what? who is if for? do we really need one or are we just trying to keep up with the times?).  Then help navigate the technical aspects of a blog. As an on going role you would help keep them accountable to writing, and help them come up with content ideas. Perhaps they could even just send you text files and you could post it to the blog so the formatting could be good, it could be proofed, stuff like that.

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