There are going to be lots of challenges as I try to build a base of clients who i am working with. Here are a few:

  • finding clients
  • personal networking
  • confidence
  • disciplin/time management
  • orginization
  • managing finances/record keeping
  • being willing to challenge people perceptions and assumptions
  • asking people to pay me what the work is worth, and being confident that it is worth it
  • finding teammates
  • follow up
Right now my big challenge is work load. I have a lot of projects going (GOOD!) but I am over committed, so i don’t feel like I am serving my first clients well (BAD!). So, i have to get better at knowing what work load i can handle. Im getting old and cant handle to many late nights in a row…and truth be told I am not self caring right now (last time i went for a bike ride…..who knows). So…this has lot to do with experience, rhythm, balance…time to get back to work!

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