New Camera

I got a new camera yesterday. My trusty d70 is dead, which makes me kind of sad, so i just added a few zeros and have a d7000. Im not really a very serious photographer, but i appreciate the upgrade. And I am excited to be able to shoot video as well. I shot some pictures downtown last night:

dSLRs with video are a great tool, I know NLR shot all their summer video on a canon t2i and it worked great. So, if your camp does any video work they are worth considering over a more traditional setup. I am just starting in this brave new wold, so I cant say a lot about it yet. I do know that its going to take some time to get used to the SLR form factor for video. Im having a hard time keeping the shot steady, so that is going to take some practice. But i love being able to shoot video that looks like a moving photograph with narrow depth of field, good lenses, etc. I ran across this post the other day that gives some good thoughts on dSLR vs camcorder for video that is worth reading.

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