10 things in Uganda

I am following my own advice. Here are 10 things happening in Uganda right now, for good or bad:

  1. Farmers are growing aloe vera and exporting it.
  2. The government and people of Uganda are trying to figure out how to manage oil revenues.
  3. How Technolog is Helping Kony Victims in Uganda: A Mashable story about an organization that is using video to allow Ugandans to tell there story as a form of therapy.
  4. Noodling Syndrom: Mystery disease devastates northern Uganda
  5. A dance festival
  6. This one is not in Uganda, but Kenya: Renewable Energy
  7. Air traffic is stretching the capacity of the airport in Entebee
  8. People are working to increase computer literacy,
  9. People are working to improve women’s health
  10. The national power grid will continue to be inadequate.

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